Giorgetto Giugiaro

What draws most people to the DeLorean has little to do with its power train or suspension. The attraction isn't under the frame; it's in the design. Giorgetto Giugiaro of Ital Design studios in Turin, Italy, was recruited to create a unique look for the new DeLorean. Giugiaro had designed such notable autos as the Maserati Bora, Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT, Volkswagen Scirocco, and Lotus Esprit. DeLorean considered Giugiaro one of the world's greatest automotive engineers and designers. He was correct.

After receiving the technical specifications for the new model, Giugiaro presented a design that looks as modern today as it did in 1981. The lines of the DeLorean are no-nonsense and sleek. The car's elegant low profile and swept appearance reference a tradition of classic styling but with Giugiaro's futuristic touch. Even standing still, the DeLorean appears to be in motion. The body - glass-reinforced plastic with high-quality grade-304 brushed stainless steel skin - sets the car apart from anything else on the road. The paint can't chip or fade, and it's impervious to rust. Some DeLoreans have been painted various colors by owners and by dealers who acquired the cars after DMC went into receivership, but with the exception of two 24-karat-gold-plated DeLoreans, all of the cars left the Dunmurry factory with gleaming stainless steel exteriors.